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The followers of Islam point to the Crusades as their catalyst for defending their faith (Jihad). Much of the world has been under the threat of Jihad for over fourteen hundred years. In the sixth and seventh centuries, Europe made the final transformation from Roman Empire domination to the spreading of Christianity across the rest of Europe. The Western Roman Empire was reduced to the remaining Byzantine Eastern Roman Empire (Constantinople), modern day Istanbul Turkey. Muhammad, the founder of Islam was born in the sixth century. As Christianity was taking hold in Europe, Islam started its encroachment into Europe. For over 800 years Islam occupied many parts of Europe. In the eighth century, Moorish Muslims swept into the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). In Spain, Islam was finally repulsed in the fifteenth century. It was only in 1683, the final siege of Vienna, that spelled the decline of the Turkish Ottoman (Muslim) Empire in Europe. The West has nothing to apologize for, when it comes to Islam and the Crusades. The Muslims had captured Jerusalem in 1076. If the Muslims had not occupied the Christian Holy Lands, there would have never been any Crusades. The Crusades lasted from 1099 to 1291. The Muslims have used Jihad as an excuse for world domination since its inception. Islam preaches peace but rules by the sword. Christianity once ruled by the sword, but that day has passed. Islam has not nor will it ever give up the sword.

One percent of one billion is ten million. Ten million radicalized Muslims. But from where do they recruit those ten million zealots. They are recruited from all walks of Islam. A large number are enlisted from the oppressed. But a number are also recruited from the middle classes. So if 10 out of 1000 (100 out of 10,000) are Jihadists, how many of the other Muslims are sympatric or would offer support? So 1,000 out of 100,000 or 10,000 out of 1,000,000 or about fifty thousand or more potential Jihadists here in the United States? If Israel were to disappear tomorrow, the zealots would not stop. As long as there are nonbelievers there will be zealots. Until the world is converted to Islam, there will be Islamic zealots. Only when the world is an Islamic state, an Islamic state that follows the beliefs of the Jihadist, will there be peace. Islam means peace but only when we are all under the sword of Muhammad. Like a festering sore that never completely goes away, radical Islam will always be just behind the curtains of the stage, ready to replace the Fat Lady.

Sayyid Qutb an Egyptian is best known in the Muslim world. He wrote Ma’alim fi al-Tariq (1964) a call to action, to re-create a Qur’anic Muslim world. It is believed that his book is a manifesto used by the Jihadists. Sayyid Qutb came to the United States four years after WWII (1949) and studied at a small college in a northern Colorado. At the time, he was exposed to what would be considered a conservative life style (where alcohol was illegal), by today’s standards. Yet he was repulsed by the decadent ways of the West. So he went back to Egypt and wrote his manifesto, a foundation for today’s al Qaeda and other radical Islamic movements. To summarize, it is our non-Muslim lifestyle that is the justification for Islamic Jihadist world domination.

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The plagiarism and distortion of Christianity

Regardless if you believe in God or not, the recent attempt by a film from Iran to portray Jesus as only a Prophet and not the Son of God, is the latest effort by Islam to usurp Christianity. This film will not disturb agnostics or atheists. But two billion Christians will be concerned and the one billion or more Muslims will be delighted. The film “Jesus, the Spirit of God,” by a Shia Muslim, won an award at the 2007 Religion Today Film Festival, in Italy. If this was a movie about Muhammad, there would be rioting in the streets and calls for the death of the people responsible for the film. In addition, according to many followers of Islam, images of the Prophets and Muhammad are not to be displayed. Yet, in this movie, Jesus who is also a Muslim Prophet is displayed throughout the movie. It appears at first to follow the gospels but portrays Jesus as a mortal man, sent by God, as a prophet and who did not die on the cross. So the movie is an out right distortion of Christianity if you believe in the gospels of the New Testament. Passages in the Koran appear to be plagiarisms and distortions of both the Old and New testaments. The Qur’an’s version about Isaac, Ishmael and Abraham is an endeavor to rewrite biblical history and set the foundation for the Prophet Muhammad.

So like a quantum event in Science with infinite possibilities, this new reality was manifested in the seventh century, and all previous happenings in History did not take place. If a person is an agnostic then distorted biblical history is not a concern. But if a large group of people (one billion Muslims) believe in a religious dogma, that belief can be used to unite the masses and literally affect every other human being on the face of the earth. This distorted message in the movie about Jesus is also found in the original teachings of the Koran and is followed by both Sunni and Shia Muslims. Muhammad and his followers needed a religion to unite the tribes of Saudi Arabia so he plagiarized and distorted Christianity and Judaism to give it legitimacy. In his religion he is the last of the prophets. By doing this, he made Christianity and Judaism obsolete. From the onset of Islam, the message has been, that Muhammad is the last of the Prophets and his rendition of the true religion, is to be followed by Jews, Christians and other nonbelievers. The message of the movie, “there is a common bridge between Christianity and Islam”, appears to seek reconciliation but is the ongoing endeavor to replace Christianity with Islam. It is the latest effort by Muslims to convert nonbelievers to Islam.

In the Koran, its primary purpose is the submission of the mind, body, soul of all of mankind. The sole purpose of Islam is to dominate the world. The means of this transformation is by conquest, Jihad, immigration, colonialization, birth rate and indoctrination of the masses by the Imams. The teachings of Muhammad and the Qur’an, teach that Islam is the religion of submission and peace. But the word “peace” really means submission or surrender of the world, to Sharia Law (The law system inspired by the Koran and the Sunna). The word “tolerance” means third-class citizenship, for the people of the book (corrupted Jews and Christians) who are also known as apes and pigs. This demeaning name-calling is found in religious, educational and public dialogue, today throughout the Arab world. In the Islamic world, nonbelievers are Dhimmis and Muslims are not able to convert to other religions under the threat of death. The term “Dhimma” is used for non-Islamic people. So to Muslims, nonbelievers are Dhimmis, third-class citizens who are subject to Sharia Law (the blade is kept sharpened). The Imams, in Islamic schools called madrasi, indoctrinate Muslim youth in this perverted view of reality. Moderate and radical Muslims view the journey to this transformation differently, but in the end the results are the same.

Islam is the most dangerous mind controlling dogma the world is facing today or ever has confronted. Politics and conquest have been removed from Christianity. Christianity no longer uses the sword to convert nonbelievers. Islam on the other hand, is based on conquest and submission. Islam has not adapted to the modern world. It is not a pure religion but a political dogma intertwined with religion. It enforces Sharia Law with the teachings of the Qur’an (Koran). There is no separation of religion and government. You cannot be a devout traditional Muslim without obeying Sharia Law. In this changing world of today, which is becoming more secular, is creating a vacuum that will be filled by Islam.

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Representative Government and the bus driver, after 9/11

The more things are different, the more they are the same. Events like 9/11 and December 7th, 1941 have impacted this country. However, as the psyche of this country changes over time, it appears we collectively, are willing to forget history. History is cyclic and if we don’t learn from our past mistakes, then we will see more 9/11s. Our politicians appear to have their own agendas and are not looking out for the rest of us. Islamic Terrorism and Illegal Immigration are interconnected. The security of this nation is dependent on sound policies for both these issues. Our politicians are willing to look the other way, as they play their parts, in the culture of “politics as usual”.

A plug nickel has two sides. It has an imaginary head’s side and an imaginary tail’s side. If you toss the plug into the air you will have a 50:50 chance of, either heads or tails, when it lands. It can also be viewed as having a left side and a right side. One side is the Politically Correct side and the other side is the Money side. The plug nickel is what it is, a plug nickel (worthless). Whatever political party is in charge is a gamble. In politics, it is politics-as-usual, good ol’ boys (and girls) club. If you think things are going to change, when your party (congressmen and women) and candidate for president are elected, think again. Today, both political parties are filled with opportunists. The day has passed when we can send our neighbors to Congress, to represent us.

It is as if we have chartered a bus. The bus is Representative Government and the bus driver is our Representatives. The problem is that the bus driver is drunk, drunk with power. The bus is now out of control and we are racing toward the edge of a precipice. Below is a quagmire of Islamic Terrorism and Illegal Immigration, waiting to swallow us. As we cry out, the bus driver is telling us to shut up and sit down.

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Will we all be speaking Spanish in the near future?

This kid-glove approach to the illegal immigration dilemma is totally asinine. Some of us say that we are for building the fence, troops on the border, deporting illegal immigrant felons. In addition, maintaining English as the language of this country and having illegal immigrants pay taxes. But there are those who are against any restraints or negative stimulus to encourage illegal immigrants to go back to Mexico or other countries south of the border. If the illegal immigrants were coming from Ireland or Scotland, I would be protesting their intrusion. I have a Celtic surname but I don’t speak Celtic (Gaelic). I’m proud of my heritage but I’m an American first and Scottish second.

The Southern border fence is not going to be built any time in the near future.

There will never be enough troops put on the border to keep all of the Illegal immigrants out.

Deporting illegal immigrant felons after they assault, maim and kill US citizens is not going to keep our citizens safe.

Sending the message, that we don’t want them here illegally by legal restraints and legal negative stimulus, will discourage some of them from staying here.

No more sanctuary cities, anchor babies, or free handouts. No more working in this country or going to school, without a green card.

When was the last time you looked at all of the Spanish language TV and radio stations? When was the last time you were ask if you speak English or Spanish, when trying to place a telephone call in this country? Have you tried to order something at a fast food drive-in and your order was messed up because they didn’t speak English?

With all of the false documents out there, how do we know who is paying their taxes, driving without proper documentation (and insurance) or who is voting and is not a US citizen?

We are in state of flux, there are already millions of illegal immigrants in the country and the rate of illegal intrusions is not going to change or may even go up. Are we naïve enough to believe that we can absorb millions upon millions of illegal immigrants, without this country losing it’s identify. IF you are part of the elitist of this country, even you and your friends will not be able to hold back the tide of change, behind the walls of your gated communities, if the situation is not held in check.

None of the above solutions (fences, troops and etc.) by themselves are going to solve the problem. However, if we implement all or most of the solutions maybe in their totality, we can put a dent in the illegal immigration problem. The Native Americans helplessly watched their demise, as the hordes of immigrants from Europe swarm across their sacred lands. They lost their identity, cultures, lands, languages, religions, governments, nations and even their native existence as a race of tribal people. Today, their numbers in this country are on the verge of none existence. Is this the same fate that you want to pass on to your children’s children?

We live in harmony, side by side with our present legal Hispanic neighbors. Many of them have a long history in this country. I’ve had close friendships with a number of Hispanics and I am aware of their peoples’ struggles in this country. One friend owns land in Southwest Colorado, which was part of the Spanish land grants (going back to the seventeenth century). The other friend was from California and his Spanish heritage also goes back to the seventeenth century. My stepsister’s husband’s surname is Spanish and his family has a long history in Colorado and New Mexico. On my wife’s side, she has family that is Hispanic. Our next-door neighbor for over twenty years was an Aztec Indian from Mexico. He spoke fluent English and so did my other Hispanic friends. This doesn’t mean that they were not also fluent in Spanish. But if we don’t do something soon, about the influx of illegal immigrants, the language of the land will become Spanish.

Adios mi amigo y muchas gracias por tu tiempo, yo hablo espanol un poco.

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The raised arm of the Statue of Liberty holding the torch of Freedom

We are witnessing in our own lifetime the beginning of the end of our culture. Our children’s children will grow up in a Latino dominated society. If you are not Latino then you are a Gringo. If you are African American, European extract, Hispanic, Asian, Native American or any other ethnic group in the current diverse melting pot, you and your family will be transformed into world of the “La raza cósmica”. However, the Latino bronze people “la raza de bronce” will dominate and control the entire society. The language, culture and laws of Latin America will dominate. Latin America will extend from the tip of South America to the Canadian Arctic. The Anglo-Saxon or Germanic peoples will disappear; the African Americans, Asians, Native Americans and others will become isolated minorities. Los Estados Unidos de Américas will expand two continents and the Caribbean Islands.

What we are looking at is a multifaceted concerted endeavor to transform this country into a nation-less landscape, as part of a mega-country without borders from South America to Canada. Bush might be leading the charge but thousands of Americans, businesses, state governments, city governments and both political parties are complicit in the repopulation of this country, with Latino cheap labor and corridors of migration. This is happening all across this country. These entities because of the almighty dollar, rejuvenation of rural areas, a new voting block, globalization and etc., are willing to look the other way, as this country becomes a Spanish speaking culture. It is not only Bush and both political parties who are willing to sell their souls but countless individuals and enterprises. In my take of the future “In the Year 2030”, I speak of the mass migration from the Southern border and how this sets the groundwork for Middle Eastern fundamentalists, to establish Sharia Law after the US Constitution is eradicated. At minimum, the future of this country entails the possible disintegration, into balkanized regions of different cultures and languages.

Europe also faces the crisis of its life; birth rates are declining, immigrant Muslim populations are exploding, and the cradle of Christianity seems to have lost the will to survive. Europe is unable to face the life-and-death challenges that now confront it. These considerations, obviously, have implications much larger than Europe.

The USA is starting to see the implications of Sharia Law and encroachment of Islam in this country. We are busy fighting radical Islam from afar, but not securing our borders. Once Islam gets a foothold in this country it will spread like cancer. With the Southern border infiltration by the Latino culture and language, our very existence is at stake. Like Europe, we have multiple (not unlike Rome of old) forces attacking us. The forces are the Latino culture, the Islamic culture and Secularism from within. Without a strong moral foundation, a civilization implodes and the barbarians rush in. When Czarist Russia fell the Communists did not lead the charge, they came in after the fact. This is what is going to happen here, first the Latino transformation followed by Islam taking over. As with Communist Russia or Nazi Germany, it takes only a small percent of the population to gain control. Not by outright force, but by using their constitutional rights to overthrow the government.

Our country is now moving into the next chapter. It is now the dawn of something that we are just starting to clearly see. No matter how hard we resist, the deeper we sink into the quagmire. Like in the “Planet of the Apes”, the partially buried body of the Statue of Liberty (holding the torch symbolizing Freedom), will be all that remains of our society.

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Limited room in the lifeboat

We are in this lifeboat (called the USA) that has only limited room and to survive, we have to limit the number of people. If we don’t, our culture will disappear.

I was born in Hawaii. Before the end of WWII my mother brought me to the States. While on our sea voyage, we were under constant threat of attack by submarines. A Japanese torpedo (two days outside of San Francisco) hit the other troop transport ship. The submarine surfaced and machine-gunned the survivors. My father, who was in the Navy at the time, was back on the Island of Oahu (Honolulu, Hawaii). My grandfather had been taken prisoner on Wake Island by the Japanese and later died in Japan. My grandfather on my mother’s side was a tall blond of German stock. Had he been born in Nazi Germany, he would have probably been an example of the so-called super race. But he was born in the USA and went on to be singled out because of his ethnicity, by the Japanese. Racists come in many varieties, my grandfather’s executioner happen to be Japanese. My Celtic surname translated into English, means black or dark stranger. My father and I are short and stocky with dark brown hair. So my father who later had his naval vessel blown out from under him and my grandfather who died in Japan, were victims of the racist policies of Imperil Japan, during WWII. My mother and grandmother had been left by themselves, on the Island of Oahu (Honolulu), for most of the war. My mother has stories of how it was to be one of two lone women with a baby, stranded in a war zone, under martial law. The night of December 7th 1941, my mother and grandmother were going to comment suicide if the Japanese had landed on the Island. They knew what the Japanese had done to women and children in China. The next day they fled into the interior, avoiding the military troops who had orders to shoot to kill. Luckily, they were able to return home without being discovered by the roadblocks. During the rest of the war, they saw death a number of times.

Before the war, my mother and her parents lived on Maui. My mother grew up on a sugar plantation. They lived a life not to far removed from the plantations in the South before the American Civil War. They didn’t have slaves but the non-whites were subclasses and my mother and her parents had servants. My grandfather fraternized with the locals and was considered a rebel by some of the other whites. My father, who was in the Navy before and during the war, met my mother on Maui. I was born on Oahu about two months after the Japanese attacked Pear Harbor. So my parents lived in Paradise before it was destroyed by the War. However, I don’t think that the locals and other nonwhites viewed it the same way as the whites. I have been back to Hawaii and to other Pacific Islands (Guam), several times and it appears that the aboriginal peoples are slowly reclaiming some of their heritage.

So in some ways like my grandfather and my father, I sometimes champion the underdog. But at the same time, we have to face that we are under siege and we have to be vigilant. There are forces that want to put our nation in peril. The ocean is filled with dangers and the sharks are circling. There will be a point when taking on more survivors could swamp the lifeboat. Being the Good Samaritan could endanger all of us regardless of what ethnic group we belong to.

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As with all in the ebb of time, there is a beginning and an ending. No man, Nation or even the Universe can escape Time. The two universal constants are motion and change. Nothing remains anchored in time or escapes the ravages of time. We have reached the pinnacle and our nation and society are in the throes of late middle age of life. Within a short period of time our nation will fall into the pit of once expansive and mighty empires. As with all that germinates and blossoms, the petals are starting to wilt. The party is over but the partygoers (the American people) are in a state of denial and continue in revelry. Expansive buffalo herds once stretched across the plains and the Native Americans lived off the land, but their time has come and gone. We as a Nation were a great civilization. We made mistakes but overall our Nation will be remembered in History as one of the best. The fat lady is about to sing and the next act is about to start. Time is supreme and nothing stands in its way. If there is a God then is must be time (Father Time).

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Is time going to pass us by?

The USA like all Empires has a beginning and an ending. The conquest and colonization of the Americas by the Europeans was completed in less than four hundred years. The Expansion of the USA into the Pacific and parts of the Caribbean and Latin America continued into the last part of the nineteenth century. By the beginning of the twentieth century, the USA was reaching into the rest of the world. Like Europe, The USA at times, used conquest and colonization to satisfy its appetite. After WWII the USA became a major player in the world. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the USA has become the New Rome. Like Rome, the USA has now reached the point of implosion. Not unlike Rome, we are inviting cheap labor and migration to replace our population and at the same time, outsourcing. We are no longer a nation of productivity but a country of consumption. There are external forces wanting to surpass us or even engulf and replace our way of life. Internally we are losing our moral fabric. All that counts is the all might dollar and materialism. We now spend our leisure time watching gladiators performing in coliseums. Family has less meaning and we are becoming more secular.

We don’t have to ponder the future; all we have to do is look at what happened in Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark Ages. Islam is on the move again, here in the USA and Europe. The Latino Culture is reclaiming vast regions of this country. What this country is going to look like in the next twenty to forty years is not a mystery, if we stop and look around, we know what is coming.

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Earlier Clash of Civilizations.

This nation is facing a crisis because of illegal immigration and the Islamic intrusion. But Columbus Day points to an earlier clash of civilizations. Having been in the Navy (in the sixties) and spent time in the Mediterranean, I saw a replica of the Santa Maria (Christopher Columbus’s flag ship). Also being of Celtic extract and spent time in Ireland and Oban Scotland (the home of my clan), I am aware of the English abuses of the Celtic peoples of the British Isles. I sent time on the Caribbean Islands of Nevis and Saint Kitts (named after Columbus). My wife worked on the Island of Saint Kitts. The two Islands are rich in the history of the colonization of the western world. Columbus sighted Nevis in 1493 (on his second voyage to the New World). He called it Las Nieves, Spanish for snows, because its mountains reminded him of the snow-capped range in the Pyrenees. Thomas Jefferson’s grandfather owned a sugar plantation on Saint Kitts. Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis. The last battles of the American Revolution were fought in the area; in 1782 Brimstone Hill fortress (on Saint Kitts) fell to the French. The Kalinago Indians allowed the first Europeans (English and French) to colonize Saint Kitts. Excerpts taken from: Saint Kitts and Nevis- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All earlier attempts to settle other islands were met with immediate destruction of the colonies by the Indians. The Kalinagos (known as Caribs by the Europeans) were eventually completely wiped out on Saint Kitts, in the great Kalinago Genocide of 1626. I spent time walking through the ruins of 17th century sugar cane plantations on Saint Kitts, where Indian slaves labored before the introduction of African slaves. I also walked on the beaches of the eastern side of Nevis, possibly where the native people, first sighted the small wooden Spanish ships.

As bad as the Spanish treated the native populations in their colonies (South America, Central America and Mexico), not all English colonists were saints in North America. At first the Native Americans and the Pilgrims (of present day Plymouth, Massachusetts), worked together to till and plant the first successful crops. Excerpts taken from Duane A. Cline 2006 (The Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony: 1620). The first feast of Thanksgiving (another national holiday now protested by Native Americans), in October of 1621, was a harvest festival filled with fellowship, good food and games. The Pilgrims had a deep and sincere friendship for the natives. But the peace born of mutual support and trust eventually eroded. The small pox epidemic of 1633-34-swept away thousands Native Americans and made more land available for the English. Full-scale war eventually erupted between the increasing number of colonists and the Indians. The following are excerpts from: Anglo-Powhatan Wars – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Virginia, in the Tidewater War of 1644-1646, Indian attacks enraged the English colonists who then launched raids on Indian villages, nearly destroying the Powhatan people. The peace treaty in 1646 erased any hope of the colonists and Native Americans being able to peacefully coexist. The Native Americans were displaced from their ancestral lands and the reservation system began. So like the Kalinago Genocide of 1626 on Saint Kitts, the English (illegal immigrants in the eyes of the Indians) replaced the native populations.

The English colonies became the USA and the colonization and displacement of the Native Americans continued. The Indian Wars of the West were the last efforts by the native peoples to resist from being driven from their lands. The Trail of Tears, (plus the Sand Creek and the Wounded Knee massacres) and the Nes Prece (Chief Joseph) fight for freedom, are only a few examples of Native American resistance and defeat. The butcher of Sand Creek, John M. Chivington, appeared on a Denver stage where he delighted audiences with his war stories and displayed 100 Indian scalps, including the pubic hairs of women and was honored with a widely attended parade through the streets of Denver just two weeks after the massacre. Taken from excerpts of PBS – The West – John M. Chivington. So Denver is the right place to protest Columbus Day. After all, these are the same streets Native American scalps and female parts were proudly displayed by Chivington’s troopers in 1864.

So if Martin Luther King lead protests in Birmingham why isn’t right for Indians to protest Columbus Day in Denver? After all, Columbus opened the floodgates of the largest colonization and displacement of aboriginal peoples the world has seen since the beginning of civilization. The Native American lost of life due to disease, famine, slavery and warfare in the Americas was in the tens of millions. As bad as African slavery was with the lost of life in the millions due to disease, slavery and murder; look at the present populations of African Americans and Native Americans. Today where are the vast concentrations of Native Americans, compared to African Americans? What sports do Native Americans dominate, where are the Native American politicians, and other Native American Leaders. As bad as it is for African Americans in this country, they have Africa to identify as their ancestral origin and black Africans now largely control Africa.

The Americas are lost forever to the Native Americans. They are the invisible people, like the buffalo, they had to be eradicated. They had no value; at least the African slave had value.

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So like Nero, we fiddle while Rome burns.

We as a people, as a nation, as the leader of the western world, are witnessing the beginning of the end of our place in History, as one of the great civilizations. Western civilization as we know it is about to change.

The population of the world has reached critical mass. Globalization, greed, economic changes, outsourcing, the migration of the third world, availability of food and water, environmental pollution, the changing climate and the spread of Islam are about to clash. It is as if the earth is a biosystem, a living entity that is about to dislodge humanity or reduce its numbers. Humanity is but a moment in the march of time, the Universe and this planet were here long before man and will be here long after man.

Change is a constant and normally we can’t see beyond today. We are at that point in time where the future has been laid out before us and we don’t like the cards that we have been dealt so like Nero, we fiddle while Rome burns.

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